1. Юридически английски

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solicitor – this person is a lawyer who gives legal advice to individuals and companies. He or she passed the exam of the Law Society of England and Wales at the end of his or her studies.

attorney – this person is a lawyer who gives legal advice to individuals and companies. He or she passed his or her exams in the USA at the end of his or her studies and is usually a member of the American Bar Association.

barrister – this person is a lawyer who gives legal advice and opinions to solicitors. He or she passed the exams of the Bar Council of England and Wales at the end of his or her studies.

lawyer – this is the general job title that we use for people who work as a solicitor, barrister or attorney.

litigation – the process of making claim in the civil court

advocacy – the skill of speaking for someone in court

criminal law – the law that punishes acts against a person or against a property that people consider to be harmful to the whole community. The state prosecute criminals

civil law – the law concerning the rights and duties private individuals and companies rather than criminal  matters.

a matter – subject or situation

a will – a legal document in which a person gives details of what they want to happen to their property after their death

claimant – plaintiff ищец

small claim – a small claim is a claim for a maximum amount of £5000

to be in dispute – to have a serious disagreement with another person

a party to a court case – the claimant or the defendant

a procedure – a decided way of doing something

to prosecute – to take legal action against someone in the criminal court

to issue a claim – to start a claim in the civil court

to serve a claim upon someone – send a claim to a defendant’s address and make sure that he or she receives it

to find in favour of – to decide that this person has won the case

to give a judgement – officially announce the result of the case

to make an order – officially state what someone has to do, how and when he/she must do it

bailiff – who can legally take a person’s property when that person does not pay money he or she owns

breach – break

negligence – when someone is not careful enough and his carelessness hurts another person as a result небрежност

allegations – accusation обвинение

no win – no free – if the client does not win the case he/she does not have to pay for the lawyer’s services

the duty of care – the obligation to be careful and not to hurt anyone

suing someone – starting proceedings against someone in a civil court

to be murge – when two companies join together to from one

to have a right – to have a legal interest in something

arrears – money that someone owes to someone and they promised to pay it back by a certain date but didn’t

accrue – to grow or accumulate (about interest)

eligible – the right kind of a person to have something

purport – to claim or to declare that something is true

parties – the people who have entered into a contract or the people involved in a dispute

no good  – an informal way of saying not suitable or not acceptable

fallen into arrears – изпаднал в забава

precedent – a decision of a judge in earlier case that other judges must follow if the circumstances of the situation are the same or similar

case – a set of arguments in a situation that might become legal or is already legal in nature

obiter dictum – something that is not really necessary for the legal basis for the decision

distinguishable – for the precedent that does not apply in the particular situation because the case is so different

a body of law – a collection of law

relevant – of significance or importance to a particular situation

legislation – a collective word for all statutes

jurisdiction – legal power over geographical area of people

contrary to – against

under duress – under pressure

to enforce a term – to make sure that the term is obeyed

the costruction of a contract – the interpretation of a contract

payroll – list of people who work for the business

the retail industry – the industry involved in buying goods and selling them to the public

provision – a term contained in a contract

rival – a person or a organization that is in the same business as you and is in competition with you for the same customers and clients

absence – when somebody is not in the place where you expect that person to be

material – important

notice – a warning period

grievance – complaint

harm – damage

a remedy for breach a contract – a solution provided to an injured party in case of breach (relief)

an injunction – the court ordered the party in breach to stop behaving in a way that breaches the contract

conduct – more formal word that means behavior

trespass  to the person – to harm someone in a psysical way

defamation – when someone makes a negative statement about another person which harms that person’s reputation

redress – to correct something that is unfair

actionable per se – does not need to provide proof

notwithstanding – despite or in spite of something

inasmuch as – what you are saying in the rest of your sentence is true only in a limited way

to come into force – to begin to have legal effect

inadmissible evidence – evidence that for some reason cannot be presented n court

to fall out of use – something that people don’t use it anymore

relevant legislation – the part of the general law of a country that the parties to a contract must obey in a particular situation






















claimant – ищец

defendant – ответник/обвиняем

breach – нарушавам

libel – клевета

slouder – клевета по време на спор

negligence – небрежност

to sue a person – по гражданско дело

to try a trial – по наказателно

allegations – обвинения

grounds – основания

landlord – хазяин

maternity leave – отпуск по майчинство

sick pay – болничен

insolvent – несъстоятелен

redundancy – съкращение

assets – активи

accept liability – поемам отговорност

contentions – спорен

parties – страни по дело

receipt – касова бележка

statute – закон

to place a restriction – слагам забрана

disclose – изнасям информация

to comply with – съответствам с

void – нищожен

enforceable – изпълним

capacity – дееспособност

deed – дело

to amend – изменям

legislation – законодателство

MP – депутат

enter into force – влизам в сила

to pass a law – приемам закон

bill – законопроект

article – член от закон

expressly – изрично

purport – подсигурявам

to exercise rights – упражнявам права

remedy – средство за съдебна защита

injunction – ограничителна заповед

plaintiff – ищец

appeal – обжалвам

spouses – съпрузи

defriment – препятствие, пречка

forbearance – забрана

coincide – съвпадам

revoke – оттеглям

inconvenience – неудобство

rectify – партида

acquisition – предобиване

staff – персонал

payroll – ведомост

wage – надница

invoice – фрактура

supplier – доставчик

track record – работно време

closing date -краен срок

job title – длъжност

grievance – жалба

termination – прекратяване на договор

rival – съперник

public holiday – официален празник

contribute – допринасям

resignation – оставка

to be made redundant – съкращават ме

dismissal – уволнение

harassment – тормоз

dock pay – глоба (от работодател)

trade union – проф.съюз

strike – стачка

conciliation – помирение

suspended – отстранен

distressed – обезпокоен

wron – злодеяние

harm – щета

liable – отговорен

conduct – поведение

overlap – припокриване

nuisance – нарушаване на спокойствието/реда

trespass to the person – навлизане в личното пространство

to defame – подронвам престижа

battery – побой

assault – нападение

false imprisonment – неправомерно задължане/отвличане

libel – писмена клевета

slouder – устна клевета

omission – пропуск

foreseeable – предвидим

redress – поправям (за вреда)

deterrent – превантивен

remote damage – косвена щета

incurred – пичинени

vicarious – безвиновен

terminate – прекратявам

forth with – веднага

extent – степен

prior to – before

notwithstanding – въпреки, независимо от

availability – наличност

procurement – поръчка

hereby – според, чрез

herein – в според

herematter – оттук нататък

heretofore – в предишен

hereunder – по-долу

aforcementioned – гореспоменат

premises – помежду

set out – изложено

overmight – от днес за утре

commence – започвам begin

то лоад – отваря

withdrawal – теглене на пари от сметка

law of contract –

company law – корпоративно право

land law – поземлено право

law of tort –

law of equity and trust –

employment law – трудово право

family law – семейно право

immigration law – имиграционно право

intellectual property law – право върху интелектуална собственост

criminal law –

to file a claim – внасям жалба

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